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Are you a reader?  

Be a reader who is a champion for writers. 
Start your own Coaching or Consulting Business! 

Join Carolyn J Carpenter and Douglas Shaner,  the creators of the Hollywood Screenreaders System for readers, as they bring you a new course aimed at Coaches and Consultants.

In our signature Hollywood Screenreaders System, we take a deep dive into script analysis and how to work as a reader for Hollywood Production Companies.

In the Hollywood Screenreaders Coaching and Consulting, we take the knowledge of being a reader a step further! 

Being a coach and/or consultant offers readers the opportunity to be an entrepreneur by starting their own online business.

Would you like to be a champion for writers, working with them to develop their screenplays from the ground up?

Would you like to build your business, set your own schedule and create your own opportunities?

If so, you are in the right place. 

In this course, we will cover the basics of:

  • BECOMING A WRITER: Walk through the steps of writing a screenplay. See what it is like for a writer to face the blank page and get your own screenplay started in the process! This lesson will help lay the groundwork for understanding the process of writing a screenplay so that you can be a better coach and/or consultant for writers.

  • BEING AN ENTREPRENEUR: Set goals and make decisions using the same tools that are used by Fortune 500 companies. Get your path straight and take the steps to get your plan started.

  • CREATING A PRESENCE: Once you start your own business, how will people know you are here? This lesson takes you through the steps to get your business off the ground and into people's minds. Learn the basics of creating a presence both on and offline.

  • MARKETING: Learn how to connect with your potential clients, how to create a marketing strategy, and how to engage with tools that will help you find the best way to attract and keep clients.

  • TO COACH OR NOT TO COACH: Explore the difference between being a consultant and being a coach. Do you want to focus on the script? Or do you want to inspire writers? Or both? Decide what is the best fit for you!

  • THE ACTION PLAN: Map out a concrete system with actual facts about the tools you will need, the costs involved with starting an online business, and how you can start making an income as quickly as possible. 

  • BONUS TUTORIALS:  Easy tutorials to show you how to set up a business Facebook page, how to set up email integration, how to run Facebook ads, and more. You don't have to be a tech wiz to start an online business. We will share the tools that can get you started.  



Join today. Try the course for 7 days. If it's not for you, cancel within 7 days to receive a full refund. 

Course Curriculum

    1. Overview of the Course - What to Expect - Video

    2. Tips For Success

    3. Career Path Outline - A quick/basic overview of careers in Hollywood

    1. The Writers Experience - Video Lesson

    2. The Writer's Experience Hand Outs - Overview

    3. LogLines

    4. Becoming a Writer

    5. The Habits of a Writer

    1. Being an Entrepreneur - Video Lesson

    2. Being an Entrepreneur - Hand Out Overview

    3. Embrace Your 9-5!

    4. Creating a Vision Board

    5. Creating a Board of Directors

    6. SMART Goals

    7. SMART Goals - Screenreader Style

    8. Eisenhower's Box

    9. Ten Steps to Your Dream

    1. Creating a Presence - Video Lesson

    2. Creating a Presence - Hand Out Overview

    3. Creating a Presence Opportunities

    4. Business Set Up

    5. Online Tools

    6. Facebook as a Resource

    7. How to Build a Business Facebook Page Tutorial

    8. How to Build a Facebook Group

    9. Basic Facebook Ad Training

    10. Facebook Ad Target Pages

    11. MailChimp Tutorial

    12. Basic Facebook Ad Training

    1. Marketing - Video Lesson

    2. Marketing Hand Out Overview

    3. Discovering Your Niche

    4. Creating an Avatar

    5. Creating an Email List - Why & How

    6. Good Email Subject Lines - Constant Contact

    7. Content Calendar

    1. Consulting & Coaching - Video Training

    2. To Coach or Not To Coach Hand Out Overview

    3. The 5 Step Success Path

    4. The Path

    5. What Do Writers Need?

    6. Job Descriptions

    7. Coaching Questions for Writers

    8. Script Questions for Writers

    9. Sample Contractor Agreement

    10. Invoice Sample

About this course

  • $697.00
  • 61 lessons
  • 6 hours of video content


Join today. Try the course for 7 days. If it's not for you, cancel within 7 days to receive a full refund. 

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About the instructor

Founder Carolyn J. Carpenter

CURRENT PROJECTS: Co-wrote a thriller feature currently in post-production starring Oscar winner JK Simmons. Writing an animated feature with Adam Watts, composer of High School Musical, among others. 📘Story Analyst/Reader for filmmakers and companies producing iconic films such as JOKER, GAME OF THRONES, WALKING DEAD, GRAN TORINO, GET SMART, SHERLOCK HOLMES, AMERICAN SNIPER, BLACK SWAN, YOUNG GUNS, TRAFFIC, LOST IN SPACE, AVATAR, OCEANS 8, ZODIAC, THE THIN RED LINE, LIFE OF PI, XMEN, PEOPLE VS LARRY FLINT, SULLY, GREAT GATSBY, MR. HOLLAND’S OPUS BABE, QUIZ SHOW, FOOTLOOSE, NIXON & KISSINGER, as well as for agencies such as Innovative Artists, and contests including the Sundance Institute, the Scriptwriter’s Network, and the CBS Diversity Program. 🎬📘Founder of Hollywood Gatekeepers - Training people to read and analyze screenplays for the Hollywood film industry. 🎥🎉 Connect with me at [email protected] 🎥 🎤Guest Speaker: the Newport Beach Film Festival, the American Scriptwriters Association and the Writer’s Network, the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Santa Ana College, American Film Association, Midsummer Scream, Assisteens Assistance League Conference, CaterCon, and the YMCA, among others. 📘 RANDOM WOMEN, a book of scenes and monologues now available on Amazon. SAG/AFTRA/EQUITY