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Learn how to analyze scripts for Hollywood writers and producers. 

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Join Carolyn J Carpenter and Douglas Shaner for a one-of-a-kind course that covers the ins and outs of becoming a Hollywood Screenreader. The course dives deep into the following areas:

  • Foundation  
  • Story  
  • Characters  
  • Voice   
  • Coverage Corner 

Includes the GETTING THE GIG Bonus!

Everything you need to know about how to find clients once you know how to analysis screenplays! Within this bonus course we cover:

  • BONUS Inside Outside Technique 
  • BONUS A Day in the Life of a Reader
  • BONUS Landing the Job  
  • BONUS Producer's Perspective
  • BONUS Writer's Perspective
  • BONUS Actor's Perspective
  • BONUS Libraries of Scripts  
  • BONUS Tools of the Trade    

Also, follow Carolyn J Carpenter as she shares details about her film projects as a writer and as a producer! Get a behind-the-scenes look at her upcoming films YOU CAN'T RUN FOREVER (Cowriter; Starring JK Simmons & Alan Leech- currently in post - more news once it's released!) and FOLLOWING FIREFLIES (Producer/Writer: Currently in Development)



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Course Curriculum

    1. Hello!

    2. Your 5 Step Success Path - AKA "The Screenreader Walk of Fame! "

    3. Your Success Path : Where Are You?

    1. How to Succeed in this program!

    2. How to Finish What You Start!

    3. How to download PDFs

    4. How to Join the Private Facebook Group!

    5. How to make sure you get your course related emails.

    6. How to Find Optional Recommended Reading

    1. FOUNDATION Format

    2. FOUNDATION CRASH The Screenplay

    3. FOUNDATION Screenplay Terms and Abbreviations

    4. FOUNDATION Structure

    5. FOUNDATION Genre

    6. FOUNDATION Movie Moments Exercise

    7. FOUNDATION Student Example - Movie Moments Exercise

    8. FOUNDATION Plot Point Review Exercise

    9. FOUNDATION Student Example - Plot Point Review Exercise


    1. STORY Toolbox

    2. STORY Layering the Story

    3. STORY Reader Red Flags

    4. STORY Story Elements Exercise

    5. STORY Student Example - Story Elements

    6. STORY - Quiz

    1. CHARACTER - Building a Protagonist

    2. CHARACTER - Supporting Characters & Case Studies

    3. CHARACTER Villains and Sidekicks

    4. CHARACTER - Build a Character Info Sheet

    5. CHARACTER Casting

    6. CHARACTER Character Arc Exercise

    7. CHARACTER You Are a Casting Director Exercise

    8. CHARACTER Student Example - Casting Director Exercise

    9. CHARACTER Quiz

    1. VOICE The Overall Script

    2. VOICE Dialogue

    3. VOICE Student Example - Dialogue Exchange Exercise

    4. VOICE Student Example - Subtext Exercise

    5. VOICE Quiz

About this course

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  • 76 lessons
  • 8 hours of video content

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Join today. Try the course for 7 days. If it's not for you, cancel within 7 days to receive a full refund. Keep Phase One Act one as our gift!

About the instructor

Founder Carolyn J. Carpenter

CURRENT PROJECTS: Co-wrote a thriller feature currently in post-production starring Oscar winner JK Simmons. Writing an animated feature with Adam Watts, composer of High School Musical, among others. 📘Story Analyst/Reader for filmmakers and companies producing iconic films such as JOKER, GAME OF THRONES, WALKING DEAD, GRAN TORINO, GET SMART, SHERLOCK HOLMES, AMERICAN SNIPER, BLACK SWAN, YOUNG GUNS, TRAFFIC, LOST IN SPACE, AVATAR, OCEANS 8, ZODIAC, THE THIN RED LINE, LIFE OF PI, XMEN, PEOPLE VS LARRY FLINT, SULLY, GREAT GATSBY, MR. HOLLAND’S OPUS BABE, QUIZ SHOW, FOOTLOOSE, NIXON & KISSINGER, as well as for agencies such as Innovative Artists, and contests including the Sundance Institute, the Scriptwriter’s Network, and the CBS Diversity Program. 🎬📘Founder of Hollywood Gatekeepers - Training people to read and analyze screenplays for the Hollywood film industry. 🎥🎉 Connect with me at 🎥 🎤Guest Speaker: the Newport Beach Film Festival, the American Scriptwriters Association and the Writer’s Network, the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Santa Ana College, American Film Association, Midsummer Scream, Assisteens Assistance League Conference, CaterCon, and the YMCA, among others. 📘 RANDOM WOMEN, a book of scenes and monologues now available on Amazon. SAG/AFTRA/EQUITY